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Marketing Your Candidate With 4 Color 3.5″ X 8.5″ Postcards

While it is relatively new, Internet marketing has just reached a point termed a growth stage of its life cycle. This is where economies of scale are evident, profitability is inevitable, public awareness is high and competition begins to increase. Gone are the days of this being a new concept. With online marketing, you can […]

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Donald Trump Network Marketing?

Lastly use a Hi-Gloss Aqueous Coating on sides to protect the ink on your postcard from rubbing off. Because politics is an ever changing marketing campaign you must plan around printer turnarounds. Depending on your 6 X 9 postcard quantity standard turnarounds should be around five working days after artwork approval. Therefore, to prevent many […]

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Online Ninja Marketing

Recently a candidate for the United States Senate misspelled the state name on one of their advertisements. What a way to turn off the voters. In conclusion you may want to have a series of 6 X 9 postcard that highlight specific platforms that you want to focus on. You will defiantly get some answers. […]

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